My very own struggle to acceptance

I signed up for boxing classes! I read that a lot of celebrities, including Victoria’s Secret models mainly practice boxing. Perhaps it is a marketing only, but I checked the calorie counter. Boxing is so intense exercise that really burn a huge amount of calories. I compared calories burned while boxing with calories burned in cycling (which of course I’m not going to give up, because I love spring and summer cycling trips), and I was really surprised by the results, which I put in the link because I could not copy the diagram.
I also wonder if boxing will help me unload stress and feel more energy during the day? Hopefully, after a boxing class I am not going to eat a double dinner:)



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  1. My biggest problem is motivation. The overpowering want of the “sweets” is to much for me. I choose to eat a donut stick instead of exercising. Any tips on this problem ?

    • Motivation is also my number one problem. What I did for now is:
      I don’t buy sweets, cookies etc and I don’t bring them home, I eat favorite fruits, veggies, dried fruits and nuts as a snack and sweet’s substitute, I try to cook and prepare meals and snacks at home, I drink lots of water, it helps with hunger and I signed up for boxing classes- hopefully I’m going to be so tired, I’m not going to ruin my affords and I won’t be snacking:) Fingers crossed:) There are days you need to have your favorite, unhealthy snack, but it shouldn’t be too often:) Take care

  2. Boxing is amazing exercise, I’ve been looking into classes near where I live but everything is at inconvenient times!
    If it helps, my brother recently started kick-boxing, I saw him just after Christmas and it was amazing how much happier he was. It’s not like he was an “unhappy” person, but he was just so much less stressed and more calm. He also had amazing muscle definition and was really proud of his hard work.

    • Wow, that’s what I’m looking for. Thank you for the info:) Hopefully You are going to find boxing classes in your area too. I hope I’m not going to give up:) Take care

  3. I am in a cardio kickboxing class and it is an amazing way to burn off fat, I’m sure boxing would be pretty similar. Plus, it is a fun environment with other ladies and music pumping so the time flies by!

  4. Yes, watch out for those double dinners 🙂 Sounds like hard work but fantastic if it’s rewarding and you will always feel safe.

  5. Fantastic job! Boxing is something I do with my clients quite often. It’s great cardio, but make sure to get some resistance or strength training in there too. That way, you are burning calories while you are doing nothing because your muscles have to repair themselves. No matter what, eat right! You cant work off a bad diet no matter how much you work out. Nutrition is 80% of weight loss. Trust me, I know from experience! Let me know if you ever have any questions!

  6. This is excellent Adrianna! As I’m getting older I’m still so active and work so hard to try and stay toned but it’s starting to become a losing battle no matter how much I walk, lift weights or do leg and arm exercises. I look great for an “old lady” but man I sure hate to lose muscle tone! I pray I have the grace to age without regrets.

    I love your practical posts! Thanks.

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