My very own struggle to acceptance

I’m trying to change my morning habits and forcing myself to eat breakfast. I do not feel hungry almost every morning, so my breakfast needs to be quick and tasty. Normally, I could eat only 2 even 3 hours after getting up and it could be anything ….
Now it’s time for a change. I just thought that in the beginning, my breakfast could be a super delicious smoothie 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll be able to eat a real breakfast.

I chose a loaded with vitamin C strawberry and kiwi smoothie:

strawberry yogurt
5-6 strawberries
1 kiwi, peeled
1 cup of ice

I found tasty smoothies ideas hereImage


Comments on: "Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast……" (3)

  1. I used to be like you in the breakfast department! Everything I read about weight loss talked about the importance of breakfast so I forced myself to eat it and now I’m always hungry in the morning and skipping breakfast would just never happen, I’m too hungry! And that smoothie looks tasty!

  2. Breakfast is the first thing I do in the morning! Its a vital part of your day its full of nutrients and essential vitamins your body needs. Its also a good source of energy my personal favorite Is Special K cereal Yum!

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