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The best way to measure your food portions:)

It is a matter of portion sizes, but how to control you portions? You just need your hand:):

  • a serving of CARBS should be about a size of your FIST
  • a serving of PROTEINS should about a size of your PALM
  • a serving of FATS should be a size of your THUMB
  • a serving of FRUITS and VEGGIES – you can grab as many as you can

This is the way to eat through out the day without overeating or starvation!

Interesting article about food portion sizeImage


EGGS in your diet means healthy and slim

Eggs are low in calories (calories in egg) and rich in nutritious protein. Nutritionists confirm the slimming properties of eggs. Only the small part of egg proteins converts calories into fat and satisfy your appetite for a long time. Eggs are also rich in easily absorbed vitamins A, D, E and K,  magnesium, potassium, and unsaturated fatty acids.
The latest research suggests that the consumption of one or two eggs per day does not affect the level of total cholesterol in most people. In 1979 Margaret Thatcher lost her weight in a short-term diet eating 28 eggs a week!!!Image

Finding Perfect Snacks

When I’m getting hungry I always think about something really tasty: cookies and pies are my number one snack. Changing my habits when I want to eat a banana bread, than I think banana:) Calories counter is helpful, because I can compare calories in banana versus calories in banana bread. What’s worth it? It is not that simple, but it is a matter of thinking in a right direction. You can do it:)