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Veggies plus fruits = yummy salad!



I preapare salad every week with strawberries, lstraettuce or spinach and Ricotta Cheese, even those who    usually do not eat salads might like the idea . The dressing I make:

two tablespoons of olive oil 
one teaspoon of lime juice 
2 tablespoons of liquid honey
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
Salt to taste




Not finished run



The fact that I have neglected my regular exercises  for last weeks will certainly be a factor, but the main reason is my diet, i have been consuming less carbohydrates, there isn’t as much glucose stored in my muscles, that is why I didn’t complete my run

If you know my blog, you’ll know I’m not a fun of low carb diets or or any diet, i think is a metter of healthy lifestyle.

Too busy to be slim!


We work so hard. Watching kids, shopping plus housework, hitting work deadlines etc, we are so busy that we often forget about taking care of ourselves. What happens? We slowly begin to lose energy, gain weight, emotionally eat and feel useless.

The truth is, It’s not going to be better with your time. You have to take care of house, kids and work, so it’s a moment to learn how to take care of yourself. What does it mean? It’s time to plan ahead.

In order to stay healthy, fit and energetic all you have to do is  plan.


If you don’t think it’s so important or easy,try me. There are 4 easy steps to do it  You will see the difference after  1 week

Drink 8 hydrating drinks a day.

Limit yourself to one coffee daily and opt for green tea.

Exercise a minimum of three times per week. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking at fast pace, push ups or hitting the treadmill. As th

Don’t eat grain products after 2pm. Ten eat vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, nuts and seeds.

Wake up a little bit ealier than anyone else to stretch. It literally changes your day.

Don’t forget! Try to enjoy your life. When speaking with people in their 80s or 90s, they always say how they miss the “busy times”. 

Forget about elevator!

Why in the heck would you not take the stairs?! OK, if you carry million groceries oryou are ill, It’s OK, but other than that, there’s absolutely no excuse to take the escalator. When I was on vacation, I had a  50 pound suitcase and I  used the stairs. Since I I didn’t go for a gym, it was the great workout.