My very own struggle to acceptance

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Think Diet:)



My pants fit me so well!.  I bought more new pairs of jeans right before I started my diet .

 Well, now because they are loose!  Not falling off but loose- it’s what I wanted!

Why am I writing all of these things?  Is it to try and convince you to dieting?  Absolutely No.  Is it to boast about how good I I feel and look?  Nope  Is it to be satisfied when I step on the scale everyday?  Of course:)


Not finished run



The fact that I have neglected my regular exercises  for last weeks will certainly be a factor, but the main reason is my diet, i have been consuming less carbohydrates, there isn’t as much glucose stored in my muscles, that is why I didn’t complete my run

If you know my blog, you’ll know I’m not a fun of low carb diets or or any diet, i think is a metter of healthy lifestyle.

Forget about elevator!

Why in the heck would you not take the stairs?! OK, if you carry million groceries oryou are ill, It’s OK, but other than that, there’s absolutely no excuse to take the escalator. When I was on vacation, I had a  50 pound suitcase and I  used the stairs. Since I I didn’t go for a gym, it was the great workout.



Diet and happiness

I liked to pretend that healthy lifestyle will transform me into a better person. A newer version of myself. A someone that doesn’t stay in her pajamas until noon, has the energy all the time, i always assume, that dieting would make me a complete person. Make all things right. It was dellusion.

Those steps are real for me:

step 1: don’t run away from feelings. write it down if you need to.

step 2: binge less. stop feeling guilty .

step 3: do yoga to feel happy.